Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is so much to do and see in Buenos Aires that I need a special page for it

The "Pink Building" the government building in Buenos Aires. Nave of the Cathedral of Buenos Aires

Cathedral of Buenos Aires

Eva and Juan Peron, in the Caminito Colorful buildings in the Caminito Artists work lines the streets of the Caminito
Corrugated metal siding was used on the houses. Tango dancers in the street Dockworkers--the Caminito is near the docks and was settled by immigrants
Tango dancers are a favorite subject of artists What to wear to tango-- The entrance to the Buenos Aires Cemetery, whose most famous resident is Eva Duarte
There she is in all her glory, the lovely Evita. Flowers are still left at her door. Cemetery cat--neighboring ladies feed them
Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar, in the Recoleta area, built in the 18th century Altarpiece in the Basilica A tile painting on the Basilica walls showing Buenos Aires in the 18th century.
Wow!This tree that stands near the Basilica might date back to the 18th century Shopping on Florida Street. Mary Moran bought a belt from an indigenous artisan from northern Argentina
Mary and Felix Moran took me along on to Tigre for an afternoon cruise on the Delta. I wonder what that amusements is about.. This boat is like the catamaran we were on.
The ferris wheel in Tigre's amusement park. Boats of every description The fruit markets and restaurants onshore were crowded on Sunday afternoon.
Another type of excursion boat in Tigre The Glass House Kayakers on the River Delta --there were also swimmers and summer cottages on shore. Check out this website for more about Tigre.
801 Florida--The Naval Museum/Officers Club, like many buildings in BA, looks like it was designed by Parisian architects. Here's a link for more about the CentroNaval The English Tower was renamed Monumental Tower after the Falklands War.

The Libertad at the Yacht Club, Puerto Madero
Here's a link to more info on the Libertad

Chuck and Peggy Gargola from Clearwater A portrait of Rembrandt's sister Lisbeth in the Hirsch Collection of the Buenos Aires Art Museum Kathy and Dan O'Donnell from Chicago
Fernando Fader, The Shawls of Manila (1914) Rodin, The Kiss Angel della Valle, The Return of the Raiding Party (1892),
There were so many more places to see in Buenos Aires--I must return to see more.
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