Come along on a Cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires in March,
through the Chilean Fjords, around Cape Horn--

At Donato's in the Santiago Market-with Mary Alice and Anne
Silver Altar in Santiago Cathedral
Barricades in front of the Cathedral
With Anne at the Sheraton pool Santiago Cathedral Sunday flea market in Valparaiso
We're off to the fjords! Sunset from my Starboard window With the girls on deck--Mary Alice, Adeline and Anne--from Kansas City and Frisco
A day at sea First Stop--the Lakes Region--Puerto Montt Mount Osorno--a volcano towers over Lake Llanquhue
Petrohue River Falls Sweaters in Petrohue Market are alluring You can see the German-influence in Puerto Montt
Puerto Montt town square Along Simpson River on the road to Coyaque Second stop--Coihaique
Painting in the museum in Coihaique Cascade of the Virgin Simpson River Valley
We're into the fjords now! A friendly llama in Chacabuco Heading toward glaciers
After sailing through the fjords and entering the Magellan Channel--at the end of the earth--we were surprised to find the town of Punta Arenas to be a center of culture, commerce and society, thanks to its location on the Gold Rush route of the 19th century.
Up close with a glacier   Docking in Punta Arenas
The Braun-Menendez Mansion, now the Magellanic Museum is the second home of Sara Braun, from a wealthy family of wool merchants. Kathleen O'Donnell and I shopped for wool sweaters in Punta Arenas The Union Club, now Hotel Noguiera, once owned by Sara Braun and her Patagonian pioneering husband Jose Noguiera
Sailing through Beagle Channel to see the glaciers A waterfall turning into a glacier Laura and Paul Bailey from Toronto added to the pleasure of the cruise for me.
A last look at the glaciers One of the few sailboats we saw in the Strait of Magellan We must be in Argentina by now, so come along to Ushuaia, Cape Horn and eventually, Buenos Aires! Click here
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