Family Album 2006

I drove to Kansas City a number of timesin 2006 and got to see most of the family--
Connors, Millers and Shaughnessys, and some old friends-- while I was there.
I also had some summer visitors in Chicago, and in November I visited the Maine Shaughnessys.

A gathering of Connors picnicking in Kilmeny and Malachy Connor's back yard. Mary Kate with Eli Rubin who is all smiles. Clockwise above are Connor cousins: Mary Clare, Riley, Delaney, Malachy, Kevin, Kathleen, John, and Flannery.
Three on a swing-- Kathleen, Delaney and Mary Clare Connor. Kilmeny and Malachy Connor Mary Kate with Eli, Mal, Kari, Dick, Kathleen and Jennifer on the deck.
At the Miller's Carol's children planted flowers, mulched beds, cleaned patios and fountains, watered the flowers, set up tables, and prepared for the crowd that comes for the Easter egg hunt after Mass on Easter. They know the Holy Saturday routine by heart.
A full moon rose while we were eating on the deck.

Sandy Miller plants impatiens for Carol and Bob Miller's Easter celebration.
Jeffrey Miller waters Grandma Carol's geraniums Andrew Miller was Sandy's right hand man. Matt Miller always has to fix this fountain at his mom's for Easter.
Dyeing eggs were Laura Shaughnessy with Francie and Joseph; Keara, Siobhan and Jeffry Miller. Brad Miller fixed the umbrella. Christopher, Jeffrey, Siobhan and Keara Miller stuffed plastic eggs with candy and coins from Grandpa Bob's pouch.
Great colors for eggs! Karen Miller worked on the yard and plants. Gracie Shaughnessy with David helped out too.
Brian and Marie Thorpe with Lourdes Fisher prepared tables for the Easter breakfast. Amber Miller helped wherever needed. Joseph Mayer's job was to hide "about 800 eggs."
Sandy and Matt Miller played host for the workers that evening. Laura Miller modeled her prom dress for us. Karen and Sean Miller relaxed at Matt and Sandy's.
Breaking the pinata has become an Easter tradition at Millers. Joseph Mayer empties the pinata The Connors had their Easter egg hunt at Kevin's
Eric gets Eli ready to head back to his business in Washington. Francie Shaughnessy in her Easter outfit. Watch out! Eli is starting to crawl.
Patrick Connor and Ryan Miller both attend Rockhurst High School. Joe Shaughnessy climbed the Miller's tree. Cousins Joseph Connor and Daniel Connor.
Patrick Connor shows Uncle Malachy Connor how to ride his motorbike. Baby bunnies! Siobhan Miller and Mary Clare Connor each got one. Keara Miller (center) with Mary Clare and Kathleen Connor.
John Connor Kathleen Connor is 10! Sean Miller, Keith and Julie Connor
Kilmeny and Malachy Connor with little Kevin. Riley and mom Kari Connor. Brian and Kevin Connor and Karen Miller.
Patrick and Daniel Connor at Julie's party. Kevin Connor Julie Connor's birthday party.
Daniel and Andrew were partners in the July 4 tennis tournament. Andrew Connor is a tennis star. Watching fireworks were Joseph, John, Kathleen and Kevin Connor
Kelly Connor with Dad Keith celebrating Julie's birthday. Siobhan Miller in her Easter outfit. Kathleen and Dick Connor
Carolyn Connor lets her hair down. Shaughnessy Miller in her Easter outfit. With Kathleen and Carol at the Roult's 50th Wedding anniversary.
Kevin Connor and family stopped by Chicago on their way to Michigan. Francie Shaughnessy on her way to a party. Chuck and Martha Roult--still in love after 50 years of marriage!
Mary Alice Rogler, Helen Griffin and I go out for lunch. Joe Shaughnessy plays the guitar now. Steve Sandy, on leave from the war, visits Dave and Laura Shaughnessy
Richard and Therese Greene with Adam, Evan, Katie and Daniel

Katie, beautiful Katie Greene

The Greene's lake home at Lake of the Ozarks
Carol stopped by in October with Amber and Marie Thorpe holding Angel. Joseph Mayer is the quarterback! Marie's son Joseph gets ready for football practice.
Ciaran as Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Ciaran also sings with the Windham Chamber Choir Ciaran with mom Malory and dad Michael Shaughnessy. Malory is now the Commissioner for Cumberland County, ME.
In Maine, Ciaran Shaughnessy, a senior at Windham High was starring in Thoroughly Modern Millie, so I had to see his performance and catch up with the family. Everyone seems musical, as a musical evening on Sunday proved.
The curtain call for Thoroughly Modern Millie, with Ciaran as the male lead. Ciaran 's girl friend Vanessa Rallis played the maid Mathilde.
Theo with his girlfriend Sam. Tulleigh has an all-girl fan club and looks like he's 16 (he's 12) Avery, an art majory at USM, with his girl friend Valerie, also at USM.
Everybody plays or sings. Avery on the base guitar Sam writes and sings her own songs.
November sunset on the Presumscot River. Ciaran on the base. Mike and his mandolin.
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